dimarts, 6 de març de 2012


(escrit per al blog de Wicked Diving, fotos de Leigh Dunne )

What about sleeping in a floating house surrounded by astonishing limestone karsts, waking up early in the morning with the gibbon's call and, before having breakfast, go kayaking in the calmest waters, looking for monkeys, birds and other wildlife? And, afterwards, jump from the longtail and dive the lake waters, amongst trees, caves, stalagtites and curious catfishes? All this is part of the amazing experiences that you can live in the Chiau Lan Lake in the Khao Sok National Park.

Around Khao Lak there are not only beaches, islands and coral reefs! The Lake is only at 2 hours car ride from our office.

Lake Diving in Thailand? Yes, is an experience that have been described in a lot of different ways for the people that have been enjoying it: unreal, completly different, creepy, of a weird beauty, awesome,...we would agree with all of them.

We are talking about a young lake; only thirty years ago, before the waters sunk all the area, this was part of the ancient and rich rainforest that fills all the park and surrounds the lake, one of the richest and oldest jungles in the world. This means that, underwater, there are still a lot of huge trees from this jungle. Also, as you're going dicover in your trips with the longtail and the bamboo raft, and from you walks through the jungle, the area is full of misterious caves, and, underwater, of course, is not different. While flying amongst the dead branches of these impressive trees, spectacular stalagtites surprise you, welcoming you to caves; and, while staying outside, admire the stalagtites that come from far ahead you, the stone columns, and, pointing inside with the light of the torches, more and more stalagtites and holes, and darkness...and, between the rock formations, an elusive and fantastic featherback swims away, and inquisitive catfishes come close to you, guessing what are these big and strange things that make bubbles and visit their quiet territories.

Other species that you can find are: tiny freshwater shrimps, transverse-bar barbs, nandids or, If you are lucky, a green pufferfish. But, altought all this animals are amazing and interesting, what really catches the people is the landscape and what is surrounding you. Diving around “tim burtonian” trees and ancient stalagtites, being touched by the barbels of an inquisitive catfish, and then surface in this marvelous landscape, is really something different!!!

And what about the conditions? Is lake diving, but don't think about the diving in mountain lakes back home; here we are not talking about altitude diving nor about cold water diving. Diving in Chao Lan is being submerged in warm waters, the same temperature as the one you enjoy when diving around the Surins or the Similan Islands; yes, we are talking about 29 C...a tropical lake! So you are going to be able to dive confortably with your shortie, or If you like, with your swimming suit. And, If you add to this the fact that you are diving in fresh water, you are going to be amazed about the small amount of weights that they need (or not at all!). Also, the waters are so calm that sometimes, in front of motionless pieces of dust or a solitary hovering leaf, you have to look to your dive computer to make sure that the seconds are still running, and that the time hasn't stop; a feeling that you can have often during your dives in the lake.
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